Monday, March 30, 2009

French Fry

loves them!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

quilting 101!

Yeah!  We have finally finished our quilting project!  It all started with a little trip around last October to Gardner's Village!  We found a fun quilt in Pine Needles and decided to start a project for ourselves!  After logging several hours of sewing time, a few trips to the fabric store and dropping them off to be quilted we are DONE!  and super excited about our new blankets!
They are the same kit but a little different!  We had so much fun learning as we went!  I think we also cursed at our machines a few times for sewing a little crazy!
I love the flower and initial!  If you look closely the quilting lady did the cutest flower pattern around the border and did a leaf pattern throughout the quilt!  She did such a fabulous job for a great price!

I also love the back!  It is totally funky fabric from the moda chick line!!
Now I don't know if I should hang it on the wall because let's face it fabric is not cheap these days or use it for a lap quilt!  Any suggestions?

9 months and growing!

Ian is over 9 months but I was just thinking I have not posted pics of him lately!  I think he has been sick on and off for a few months now.  He usually has "eye nuckies" or dried boogers on his nose and it does not make for great shots!!  I took him to his 9 month appointment and my little dude is in the 10 percentile for height and weight!  This is so funny to me because Britten was in the 75% to 90% and Ian could out eat Britten any day!  
I love this shot of Ian because it captures his funny hair!  I can't quite figure out what it is doing.  He has more hair in the back but not so much on top.  He has a Grinch like point on the crown of his head!  I also LOVE his eyes!  Sarah has my color, Britten has Jeff's and Ian has these blue gray eyes.  They seem to mesmerize me!
Ian is such a happy baby!  I think the only time he cries is when I wipe his nose, when his food is all out (after he has eaten, oatmeal, fruit and a vegie) and when I walk out of the room!  He is such a sweet good baby and I don't know what I would do without him!!  Love you little dude!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

my sweet little lady!

The other morning Sarah woke up, did a few things and then came to snuggle by me.  After we got up and had breakfast I went into her room to pick out her clothes for the day and this is what I had found.  She had gotten up and made her bed all by herself!!  I thought it was too cute and had to take a picture!  Don't you love the crocodile??  My mom bought that for her one day at old navy and it always sleeps on her bed!  This totally made me smile!  I love my little lady so much!

A work in progress!

Little Ian is waiting so patiently for his room to be finished!!  It is a work in progress!!  Funny story about the paint!  My girlfriend got me hooked on Benjamin Moore paint!  It really is great paint and does a fabulous job!  Well, since Jeff has the hookups we get it at a contractors price.  (Less than half the normal price!)  For some reason Jeff ordered 5 gallons instead of 1 and now we have tons of bright green aka dill pickle paint!  So, if anyone is wanting to use any of it you know where to get it!!
Jeff just finished the bead board tonight!  We did a three inch gap and did it five feet tall!  It looks really cool and the top trim will be in Friday!!  
I think this picture was taken after the first coat so it is a little darker!  We are going to paint the bb antique white and glaze it with an avocado color!  I am super excited for this project to be done!  My girlfriend Cyndi made some amazing bedding for him and so I am dying to get him in his room with his new bedding!!  More pics to come!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dancing with the STARS!

So I thought I would finally tune into dancing with the stars probably because Melissa is on it now!  Anyway, I thought maybe Sarah would enjoy watching it with me.  So the other day I got on the computer to watch it on  Sarah saw all of the dance outfits and wanted to have them all.  (A little worried at this point because they show a lot of skin...)  Then they interview the first dancer, the rapper lit Kim.  Oh dear.  She dedicated her dance to all of her fellow prison mates and danced to nasty boys.  As soon as the dance was over I hear Sarah sing, "Oh you nasty boys!"  Well, we turned it off but I thought it can't be all that bad.  Do any of my fellow friends watch this show with their kids??  Let me know!  

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yummy Fajitas!

Yesterday was our seven year anniversary!!  It has been seven years of marital bliss!  Well not really but it has been fun!  It is amazing to look back over the years and see how much we have grown as a couple and as a family!  We have been so blessed over the years!  Sarah was sick yesterday so instead of going out to celebrate I made some fajitas!  My girlfriend Marie actually made these one night for a girls night!  Here is the recipe.  They are so easy and so great!

4 chicken breast
4 Tbs butter
4 Tbs soy sauce
4 Tbs apple juice concentrate
1 tsp garlic powder

slice chicken and cook in the above ingredients!

Saute sliced onion and bell pepper for topping!

We also used the tortillas that you cook!  Serve with homemade guacamole and get your grub on!

Monday, March 9, 2009

February recap!

I can't believe it is already March!  Time sure flies when you are having fun!  My pictures are a little out of order but oh well!  Some February highlights were Jeff's Birthday and Valentine's Day!  Between being sick and having fun here are a few pictures of what we did!  Of course when we asked Jeff what he wanted to do for the day it was go to the mountains!  We spent the afternoon up American Fork Canyon and it was a beautiful day!  

I love Valentine's Day!  We had a fun breakfast with the kids and our Nana and Papa John!  We always love it when they come to town!
We had heart shaped waffles and a banana breakfast split!  It was yummy!  The kids enjoyed the week getting surprises from the Love Bug!  Every morning they would wake up and look for a little treat left by the bug.

Our sweet Gran-Nana passed away this month too.  We will surely miss her but we know she is enjoying a sweet reunion with Pompa!  

I will try my best to post sooner than later!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

So I have often wonder how or why one takes a blogging vacation, well now I know!  This is how it happened to me...  My computer crashed, my kids have been sick - Sarah with the throw ups and poor Ian with multiple ear infections and crazy sinus/eye infections!  Britten has been sick too a time or two.  Did I mention my computer crashed??  Our good friend Roger got all of the data off and is working at fixing it!  I have a lot to update on, my camera class was cool, Jeff had a birthday!!  We have an anniversary coming up on Monday!  Anyway - more to come!  Hopefully tomorrow because it is midnight and I am going to bed!