Saturday, January 31, 2009


One night we were sitting at the dinner table and Sarah started singing "reproduction, where does the pollen go" when I decided Grease 2 and Mama Mia are probably not the best musicals for my kids to watch. Of course I skip the not so kid friendly parts still... So we finally bought High School Musical which my kids had never seen! They love it, Sarah especially and she says her favorite girl is Sharpae. She also calls it "hysical musical"!! So now we just need to see part 2 and 3!

So, I just watched this on my friends blog and thought it was hilarious!! It is Sesame Streets "Preschool Musical"! I don't know how to upload a YouTube video to my blog so click on the link to watch it! It is pretty funny!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

What Ian thinks about REAL bananas!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Something to be thankful for...

While I was in bed for over 36 hours with the stomach flu... here are a few things I was thankful for...

My hubby!! He stepped into my shoes and took care of the kids all day and me!! Thanks for the Gatorade and toast!! I think he has a new appreciation for all I do and is wanting to help out a little more!! See there are benefits to having the stomach flu!

My sweet kids!! Britten and Sarah were so concerned that I was sick and both said prayers for me that I would feel better and not throw up anymore!! It was very sweet!

A good book!! In between sleeping and ... I read Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen. I just love her name and I love her books! It was a good one.

I was also thankful for Gatorade! I think I drank so much because I was so dehydrated!!

So, today I feel like I am back in the land of the living!! I am still taking it easy but there is much to be done after mom takes a day off.

I'm also totally thankful for my health! Being sick makes you realize how lucky you are to be healthy most of the time!

Also!! on a side note. I noticed in my last post the camera I posted is the D300 when I did an image search I was looking for the D90! That is the camera I got. It still is pretty fancy but not as fancy as the D300!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not feeling so HOT!

I think I have the crud the kids have had... I have a horrible sinus infection and to top that off I have a tooth ache! yikes! Does anyone have a good dentist they recommend??

On a more positive note... I am super excited about a birthday/Christmas present I got from my Mom, Dad, Grandma, Lynnie and PJ. Everyone donated towards my latest endeavor. Those of you who know me know I have taken pictures since I can remember! I always had my camera with me to capture fun times and memories. I really wanted a better camera and nicer quality when I started having kids! After watching them grow up so fast I wanted to capture each stage they went through! SO... this is what I got...

Jeff also got me photoshop and I am ready to get learning!! Erin and I are taking a photography class starting Jan. 27th and Lindsay gave me my first lesson in photoshop! I think I may have a new addiction since I kicked the diet coke one!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Test post

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Reasons I Love Going Home to TeXaS!

REASON #1: I love going HOME to the house I grew up in! My parents have been in the same house since I was two years old! There is nothing like going home!

REASON #2: Seeing FAMILY! I love to see our family! My mom and dad, my grandma, my brother Bill and his wife Nicole, his kids - Connor, Lilly and Caroline and Lynnie and Papa John! I especially love to spend time with my nephew and nieces because I don't get to see them much! The kids spent the night at grandma's a few nights and we had fun! We went to see Bedtime Stories and the kids all slept on the floor in the game room!REASON #3: I love MEXICAN FOOD!! My favorite would have to be Lupe Tortilla's! I think we usually go the day I arrive and I always go at least 2 or 3 times total! There is nothing like good Mexican Food! YUMMY!
REASON #4: SHOPPING with my mom! My mom works during the week but we always spend some time on the weekend doing some shopping. In fact my mom wears me out and I usually can't keep up with her!
REASON #5: Seeing my GIRLFRIENDS that live down south!! I usually try to see all of my friends while visiting!! Unfortunately over the holidays it was hard to see everyone but I did see a few! One night we went to Cheesecake factory to celebrate Erin's birthday!! We also went to see 7 Pounds after! Did anyone like that show??
Kim Parker and Stacy Kirkham!! My college Roomie Natalie came too!! Stacy singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It was so funny because they sang so loud in the restaurant and so off key! We were cracking up!
I also went to lunch with my girlfriend's Kristy, Natalie, Lyndol and Judy (Kristy's mom)! Kristy and I have known each other since 5th grade! We used to do gymnastics in the front yard and all sorts of crazy things together! Lyndol, Kristy and I all went to high school together! Those were the days! Lyndol is living in Paris right now and is a very talented artist/photographer/musician... nanny! She does it all!
REASON #6: Getting my nails done! I have been going to the same girl down there for a long time and I always enjoy going back when I am home!
REASON #7: Eating Bluebell ice cream! Need I say more?? Dutch Chocolate is my favorite!
REASON #8: Sleeping in! My mom will usually get Ian up in the morning and my dad will get my kids a bowl of cereal so I get a little extra shut eye! I love it!! I totally catch up on my sleep when I am home!
REASON #9: Cable TV! I know I think we are the only people on the planet without cable tv. When I go home I always catch up on my shows! Iron Chef, Project Runway, and a few others.
REASON #10: Going on fun outings with Jimini, Grandma, Nana and Papa John! There is always so many fun things to do in Houston! This time we enjoyed going to the Aquarium with Nana and PJ. The kids LOVE the shark train ride and enjoyed getting their faces painted! Nana has those pics on her camera! I'll have to post them when she emails them to me! We also went to a fun arcade with my dad! The kids had a great time!
We will enjoy our memories until we go HOME again!! Thanks MOM, DAD, NANA and PJ for making our visit such a great one!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If I could only FREEZE time!

7 Months and Growing!


Meet "Mr. and Mrs. Dishwashy"! Britten and Sarah spent over an hour the other day washing the dishes! They had so much fun and I told them they were hired! They then proceeded to clean my whole kitchen floor on their hands and knees with wet rags. It was so cute to watch them play together and wash the dishes! I did not tell them I put them in the dishwasher while they were not looking!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Man with all the MOVES

This is seriously some of my daily entertainment! I love to watch my kids dance! Check out Britten's mad moves!

My little hair dresser!

This was the inspiration!! Nana and Papa got Sarah this darling hair salon chair with a doll to go with it! Along with the chair comes a comb, brush, rollers and little plastic pretend scissors.

Here is the doll! She is adorable and comes with clothes to change! We opened her up and Sarah said, "Mom I can cut her hair with real scissors because she is my doll!" I then told her no she can't cut the dolls hair with real scissors and can only use the play ones! After we opened the rest of the presents I had a feeling to pick up all the scissors lying around from cutting into the toys. Note: Sarah's cute hair I think it has just grown out from when I had to cut the comb out that Britten got stuck. When dinner time rolled around I was looking for Sarah and found her in the play room with hair all over the place. She had found more scissors at Nana's kids craft desk! Watch the video to see her new do! I called it the Rosie O'Donnell cut which she sported for a few days until I could get her into get a real cut!
Here is an after shot after her hair cut! The gal did a pretty good job for what we came in with! It is really short in the back with an a-line in the front!
It is a good thing Sarah is so cute because she even looked good with her mullet! yeah right!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas FUN!

We spent the holidays in Houston this year and have had such a nice and much needed vacation! Christmas Eve was great - my brother Bill and his wife Nicole came over with their kids!Britten, Caroline and Sarah eating a sugar cookie!Bill and Grandma Jess!Christmas pj's! We started this tradition years ago and I love it! Ian went to bed so early so i was not able to get a pic of all the kids together! Nicole gave me this cute cupcake stand and Sarah was very excited to put it together and leave some treats for Santa and his elves! She set it up all by herself!Britten was so excited to get Big Daddy from Santa!My little Lego man!Sarah with her stocking goods!I love this picture of Sarah in her new dress ups!

My mom has a new dog named Lucy and Sarah just loves her! When we leave and come back home Sarah announces, "Lucy I'm home!" She has been feeding her several treats a day and loves to hold her. Santa brought Sarah a dog in a bag with a leash and Sarah took the leash and put it on Lucy and said, "Now you can't run away!" She also told my mom she could bring Lucy to Utah next time she comes to visit!
Santa brought Sarah a cupcake maker for Christmas! YUM! You actually need a cup of water to wash down the cupcake and the frosting so does not look like the box. go figure...
Ian had a fun time too! I love this age because they are so much more interested in the wrappings than in the actual presents! If only they stayed that way...
Here is Ian Christmas day over at Nana and Papa John's house! He got lot's of presents from his Nana and Papa! We had a yummy dinner with Jeff's parents and a fun filled Christmas night!
Stay tuned for pictures of Sarah's new haircut...