Thursday, October 30, 2008

The PaRtY mOm!!

A few jewels among a BUSY somewhat stressful day!

As all of you know Britten has started Kindergarten this year! When it came time to volunteer I think I signed up for just about everything except for the room mom! When no one wanted the job Mrs. Reid approached me to see if I would be willing to do it and of course I said yes! But I had also signed up to be the PaRtY pLannEr and organize the parties. I decided out of the two I would rather do the parties. What was I thinking?!? I have been stressing out all week over a party for FIVE year olds! Since Jeff had been gone for three weeks I saved most of the organizing and planning until this week so I was not able to recruit much help from the other moms! I think I have been to the store at least once each day for something and have been cutting, copying and laminating like crazy! Today amongst my mindless chaos (and I have some friends that can vouch for the mindless part!) I had a few jewels that I wanted to share!

One is about Sarah!! Today was her preschool Halloween party and I was able to go and spend the morning with her. It was so great to have some one on one time! We both enjoyed it! She and I love to sing along to music in the car together! A remix of I will be there for you was playing today and as we were both singing it, Sarah stopped and said, "Mom, I'll always be there for you!" I then told her I would always be there for her! She continued to say, "Mom, we'll always be friends!" and I said we sure will and then she said, "We'll be there for each other!" What a sweet moment it was for me! Sometimes the things they say are sooooooooo Heaven sent!

Later in the day after going non-stop Britten wanted to run with me to pick up some balloons and run into the store. He got his costume from his Nana today and was so eXitEd and SuPeR proud! He put it on right away and wore it for the rest of the day. So, here we are walking through the store. Me with the cart and my little fighter pilot pushing the stroller. I looked at him and realized how big he was getting and what a responsible little boy he is turning into! Another sweet moment for me amongst a crazy day!

Sweet little Ian watching me run around from here to there! He only cries when he is hungry and is such a trooper! I am so thankful for him in our lives! His smiles and laughter were such sweet moments for me today!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Party take 2

Happy Holidays! Jeff and I went to Erin's Halloween party as the "cheesy Christmas couple" from the eighties! We were totally cracking up all day and then when we got ready to go.Check out my bangs! I teased the heck out of my hair and bangs! I so needed some aerosol hairspray but did not have any. Check out Jeff's curls too.I had fabulous eyeshadow and red lips! I don't know how women survived the eighties! I was ready to wash my face immediately and it took me a few conditions to the hair to get the snarls out!Could we be any cheesier?? So the funny thing was we went to this party where I knew a few people and Jeff knew no one except Erin and AP. We felt like the biggest dorks in our outfits! Good thing no one would recognize us if they saw us on the streets now. Here is a picture of Erin the fabulous host! She threw a great party! And made the cutest costumes! Thanks for the fun party Erin!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Hee Haw fun!! We decided to take the kids to Hee Haw farms on Monday because the kids were out of school! We had so much fun!! We stayed for about 4 hours and pretty much had the whole place to ourselves! The kids were in heaven and the weather was beautiful! Here are some pictures of the many things they did!Kendyl is such a GREAT girl! She played and played with the little ones and took Sarah down many of the scary slides! Thanks Kendyl!Here comes Britten!This slide was out of control fast! You ride down on a potato sack and pray you stop at the bottom! Michelle and I both ventured down this beauty! Where is Britten? They had so much fun playing in this huge corn box! They all got buried! And then we found corn for days after!Here is Sarah in the corn!Here is one of me!?

They also had pony rides! Check out the mountains in the back ground. Utah is such a beautiful place to live!
My little horse LOVER!
They had this track with these little go carts! TOO fun!
Here I am trying to pick up a piglet for the kids to hold! Big mistake. It was squealing so loud!
Britten and his bud Jake
Britten, Jake, Addy and Ian - Sarah was being a stinker and wouldn't get in.

The P is for Party and the A is for Alright! The R is for Rowdy and the T is for tonight! The Y is for YOU and you know what to do so PARTY!

So, I have to say we live in the greatest neighborhood! There are so many families and kids!! We love it here! My girlfriends MeLisa and Jodi threw a Halloween Party and it was so much fun! Michelle, Laila and I went together because we were husband less! It was fun but I wish Jeff could have been there!The boys and a girl... The girls...
We played so many fun games! We also went out on the golf course to golf in the dark! I think the girls planned it so while on the green the irrigation system turned on! Everyone went running and screaming! Thanks for the fun party girls!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our little visit to Milford!

We decided to go to Milford for a few days to visit our great friends!! Kjirsta and I hung out together all the time when we lived in Cedar and so Sarah and Mckenna became best friends! (at least Sarah thinks so!) The Yardley's decided to move to Milford because that is where Brandon works on his family farm. They moved a few months before we moved here to Eagle Mountain. We sure miss being close to them and Sarah has big plans to move to Milford!We spent all day Thursday in Cedar City! My old stomping grounds!! It felt so good to be back in that small town! There are definitely benefits to living in a small town! We met up with our girlfriend Crystal and took the kids to the park. It was such a beautiful day and the kids had a great time. They spent most of their time climbing this great tree! I think Sarah thought she was a monkey because she just hung there for a while!
Here are the MOMS! Me, Crystal and Kjirsta! I have always felt so completely blessed to have such wonderful friends!
This is classic here! We were trying to get a "good" close up of us all! This was the second picture we took because the first was not so great! The girls had no idea I was making a CRAZY face until they checked it out to see how nice it turned out! Anyway we had a really good laugh until you cry! It was funny.Sarah and Mckenna working on puzzles while waiting for the best pizza!Pioneer Pizza! This has got to be the best pizza I have ever eaten! This place is family owned and operated and opened in Enoch when we lived there. Kjirsta and I got this at least once a week so of course we had to get it again! YUMMO!
Gage is digging the pizza! Sarah says she is getting her "rub" (grub) on!
Cute little princesses!! I love this picture! Kjirsta took some pics of the kids in their pj's while I was getting ready. I think this is the sweetest picture of Ian. He is getting so mobile these days and is rolling all over the place!

Thanks guys for letting us come hang out with you!! And thanks Brandon for the yummy steak and rocking Ian to sleep! You guys are the greatest!! We miss you already.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nothing like FRIENDS!

The Kirkham's were in town this past week! We went up to Midway to spend an evening with them in their parents new home! It was so much fun!! The kids thoroughly enjoyed the over sized been bag and had so much fun playing together! You've got silly Saryn, Britten, Sydney, Spencer and Sarah! There is nothing like a good friend!!
And here is one of mine!! I have know Stacy since I was a junior in high school! I am sure I have mentioned her before but she is one of my bosum friends!! I am a better person because of her!!

Who invited the SNOW!

Here are a few pictures of our first snow of the season! Luckily it wasn't to much and did not stick long! It sure was chilly though!! Time to buy some hot chocolate and pull out the winter sweaters!
Bear did not mind the snow one bit! He was playing with a white golf ball. He would throw it up in the air and then have a hard time finding it if he did not see where it landed.
Here he is in action! So, about bear... I have become the official pooper scooper with Jeff gone. Britten helps me by holding the bag and we both pull our shirts up over our noses! Big dog + Lot's of food = HUGE poops! It is so gross... when are you coming home JEFF?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Baby Ian and my scarecrow!

So I thought I would post some pictures of Ian awake and smiling! He is such a happy boy most of the time! He is already acquiring his daddy and brother's charming skills. His smile seems to brighten a room and charm any lady who stops to talk to him!

His eyes always seem to mesmerise me!
I asked Sarah what she was doing and she said, "I'm posing like a scarecrow mom"!This is how you position your feet!And this is how to smile like a scarecrow! I think i might stick her out front to scare away all of our spiders and bats!

The Witches are out!!

Like most of you I love the fall and especially LOVE Halloween! Erin and I ran up to Gardner's Village the other day to visit a quilt shop and the kids enjoyed seeing a few witches that were out! Britten was going to give this witch a KISS! Here is a flying witch on a bicycle! Notice how cute Sarah is sitting on her own! Taden and Breck think she has cooties. Little do they know!

Ian likes the witches too!
This is Isadora the "real witch"! She was so much fun!!
We are ready to go back with our friends in a week or so when they have their scavenger hunts and hay rides!! I also wanted to post my new Halloween BANNER! I made this at Erin's fabulous Friday last week! It was a lot of fun and I love this banner! Thanks for the invite Erin!Here is a close up view! We are going to make a Thankful, Christmas and Birthday one in our ward!