Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Favorite Childhood Memory!

This is where my Grandma and Papa lived when I was a child.  This was the highlight of my summers!  My mom would put my brother and myself on a plane and we would stay with Grandma in Santa Monica for a month or so.  Papa always picked us up in his Cadillac with their dog Buffy.  He would drive us home and Grandma would be there waiting!  Of course she immediately made us her famous yummy pancakes!  Well they weren't famous they were just Bisquick but they never tasted better! 
Every time I am in LA I take a trip by Marguerita and 18th Street.  It is a walk down memory lane.  It always feels a bit odd that someone else lives in my Grandma's house, but I could sit for hours taking in the memories!  I love the picture above because it is on the front side of the house.  It is the color of pink that the whole house once was.  It is fun to show Britten and Sarah where I used to come as a kid.  Below they are sitting on the front step.
Here it is!  My mom has the building plans and I think it would be cool to build someday!  Good thing I know a builder...
We had such a great time in California!  More pictures and stories to come!  I decided next summer we are going to rent a condo on the beach and live there for about 6 weeks!  Love the California sun!