Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sarah told me today, "I miss Jesus Mommy, that is why I am sad."  Then I told her how sweet she was and how much Jesus loves and misses her.  I also told her that every time she prays she is talking to Jesus and he loves to hear her prayers.  She says the sweetest prayers by the way.  I keep thinking I need to video both Britten and Sarah praying because they are so sweet and straight from the heart!  

Thursday, April 9, 2009

BatH TiMe!

Rub a dub dub Ian LOVES the tub!!  He usually cries when I take him out!  

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Britten turns 6!!

Britten was about 5 days old here!!  Where did the time go?
Britten wanted to see Monsters VS. Aliens for his birthday!  So we invited 10 of his friends and went to see the 3D movie!!  Then we headed next door to the pizza place to eat some pizza!!  These are a little out of order so...
Make a wish!!
Here is the group!!  Such good kids!  When we first talked about his birthday party I told him he could invite 10 friends because we were going to the movie!  The first name on his list was his kindergarten teacher Mrs. Reide!  How cute is that?  So she and her son came to his party!
Britten loves cheese pizza!!  (so do shawn and cj!!)
Monsters cupcakes!!
Britten has two little girlfriends in his class and they are both Madison's!!  And they are adorable!
Taden and Breck!  Britten and Taden have been friend since they were born!  Born on the same day too!
Addy and Sarah!
The whole gang of kids!  Madison x 2, Taden, Breck, Shawn, Britten, CJ, Addy, Sarah, Jake, Jack, Austin, and CJ!
Britten's birthday was on Sunday!  He wanted fajitas and his big cousin Porter came over to help us celebrate!  My kids LOVE him!
Britten and his daddy!
Britten was so excited about his power miners Lego!  He thinks it was from his dad!  (the totally fun present!)

And the "Sunday suit" was from me!!  Britten wanted a new suit for his birthday and I think he looks so extremely handsome!!

"handsome rob"
heading to church!
Britten we LOVE you!  You have grown into such a sweet, happy, obedient, loyal, funny, good boy!!  We are so proud of you and the choices that you make!  I am so glad you came to our family first to lead the way for your brother and sister!  

Sarah turns 4!

Sarah best friend Makenna surprised her by showing up at her birthday party!
Sarah wanted to get a blow up jumper and slide castle this year for her birthday!!  Luckily the weather was nice!  It was in the 70's believe it or not!!  We had about 20 little kids here jumping and playing!
The birthday girl!
What is a party without a pinata??
She wanted to have a Barbie and the Diamond Castle cake/theme!  She LOVES that show!
Thought this pic was so cute!  Little Ethan gave Sarah some shades and sparkly flip flops!
Sarah is heading in to the jumper!
Getting ready to slide!
My kids love their birthday balloons!
For her birthday dinner Sarah wanted burgers and shakes so we went to Red Robin.
Her new favorite movie!
A few new sun dresses!  Now if the sun will only come out!
Bike from Grandma and Jimini!!  She LOVES it!
Sarah!!  Happy Birthday little princess!  You are such a ray of light in our lives!!  We all love you so much and are so glad you are part of our family!!