Sunday, August 31, 2008

Photo-Shoot of the Kids!

My girlfriend Jodi took some great pictures of my kids! Here are a few of them...Britten is such a cutie, we like to call him Handsome Rob.

Sarah LOVED her photo time. She was so hilarious to watch! Here she is with her leg up in the air. I think Jodi was cracking up at her.

Here are Ian's first photo's taken by a professional! (i am so not a pro). Now I will have to get his little birth announcement done for all those who have been waiting! I LOVE my little boy so much!

Jodi got some fabulous pictures!! THANK YOU so much from the Bullock Family!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

My cute BOYS!!

Thank you Shabby Creations!!

I just wanted to give a shout out to Michelle Baird of Shabby Creations! She did a bloggy give away and I was the WINNER! Yeah! That is so not usually ME! Anyway - please check on her little link down on the right she has some fabulous designs and if you are like me - not so computer smart she sets it all up for you! Thanks again Michelle!! Leigh

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

All about Britten!

My baby boy has started Kindergarten. His first day was August 25th and he was so excited! I had always planned on driving him to and from school but come to find out he really wanted to ride the bus. I thought I would drive him on the first day too but he really, really wanted to ride the bus! The great thing about the bus is that our cute neighbors Addy and Jake ride the bus too. Britten and Addy both started Kindergarten this year and are enjoying sitting next to each other on the bus! I really wanted it to be a special day for Britten and so I made a few signs and hung them around the house. In the morning he found each one and wanted to know what they said. This was the breakfast of his choice, Cinnamon rolls, chocolate milk and a banana!
Here he is getting ready to catch the bus!
Addy and Britten waiting for the bus. Aren't they the cutest??
Watch your step!! Bye!! I totally started to cry as the bus drove away...
Where have the past 5 years gone?? I keep asking myself and realize they have gone so quickly but have left many great moments and memories in their place. Every night I tuck my kids into bed and spend some time singing and talking and snuggling with them. Before they fall asleep and I leave, I say, "sweet dreams little prince/princes" and Britten told me I now had to say, "sweet dreams BIG prince"! Well, good luck to you BIG prince as you start this new journey in your life! We LOVE you!!

Britten FUNNIES!

Britten put on his red undies, his red pj's and a red t-shirt and came into my room and said, "hey mom, I'm a RED neck".

Jeff was having a conversation with Britten about how he and I are his protectors. Britten said, "yeah, you have your guns to protect me, but what does Mom have? Oh well, she has her blow dryer". (apparently he thinks this is a weapon!)

He was getting his Kindergarten assessment and his teacher said, "Say what I say... I have a BLACK dog". Britten thought for a minute and said, "I have a BROWN dog". It was pretty funny!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Texas Caviar

OK- this is for Jenn and anyone else who LOVES Texas caviar!! YUMMY

Recipe for Texas caviar:

2 cans of blackeyed peas (drained)
1 can of shoepeg corn (or regular)
2 ripe avocados (cut into pieces)
1 cucumber diced
1 bunch of cilantro (i use about half and cut up in my mini chopper)
1 packet of Italian seasonings mixed up!

I like to mix it up and let it cool in the fridge for a few hours before eaten. I serve it with Mission Tortilla Strips! I might have to make some today...

Thursday, August 14, 2008


We spent so much of our time swimming in Grandma and Jimini's pool! It is one of our favorite things to do in the summer time. This day two of my great friends came over with their kids. Kim Parker and Stacy Kirkham. I love these pics of all the kids in the pool and eating cantaloupe.

This is Stacy's daughter Sydney! She and Britten have played together since they were babies. We did a preschool group for them when they were 2 1/2. They play so well together and have even had a few good wrestling matches in their day... I overheard Sydney telling Britten she was his girlfriend and they could get married when they get bigger. It was so cute!
Happy Birthday Jimini!!! It was so fun to be in Texas for my Dad's birthday! We went to my brother's house for a dinner celebration. It was lots of fun! Here is my dad with Britten, Ian, Lilly, Sarah and Caroline!
The Boys...
The girls...
I was so spoiled this time with girls night outs!! I went to the best Mexican restaurant with my good friends Lisa and Wendi! It was so fun to catch up with them. We used to all work for a company called HealthHelp and have stayed friends through the years. I guess it has been 8 years since we worked there. How time flies.
Lilly and Ian
Swimming in Uncle Bill's pool!
Lilly was such a fun cousin for Britten and Sarah to play with. She is going to be a good little baby sitter.

It was such a fun few weeks! We also swam with friends from my old ward. Jenn, Melissa and Julie. We went to the fun malls, chuckie cheese twice with Jimini, and got our fill of Mexican food! YUMMO!!! I also spent a lot of time with my college roomie Natalie Wade Griffiths. She moved to Texas from Utah the week before I moved to Utah. Bad timing! We have kept in touch all of these years! She actually posted a picture of us in the pool! So much braver than I am! We are counting the days till next summer when we go again!

Monday, August 4, 2008


Here are some of our friends and family that came from out of state and other wards. The Neilsen's, Nana and PJ, Barbara Jane, The Heatons, US, Justin Stoddart and Aunt Pattie and Uncle CharlieThe Bullock Family!!

The Proud MOMMY!
The Sweet little boy!

What a great day! Yesterday we blessed little Ian James and I wanted it to be such a special day for him!! It was so great to have friends and family here to participate and share this time with our family! We felt very honored to be Ian's parents and I know we will feel that way for the rest of his life!

After church we had a dinner party to celebrate a little more! Our great friends the Redds, Dickensons, Proctors, Stoddarts, and the Rawleys came over. They have become like family to us here in Eagle Mountain! We feel so blessed to have such good people in our neighborhood. Jeff's parents came from Montana, My mom was here from Houston and Barbara came from Ohio - thanks for making the journey to be here with us!