Friday, November 20, 2009

Our Crazy visit to Texas!!

So get your box of chocolates or something... this is a LONG one! The first weekend we got to Texas we had a fun cousin sleep over with Caroline and then headed over to DEWBERRY FARMS! Here is Sarah on the rope swing!
Britten on the potato sack swing. Not sure what this thing is called but he loved it!
Ian and I on a little tractor ride! WEE!! I totally broke the plastic container - OOPS!!
Here is Connor and Britten on the BIG trampoline thing. Connor just turned 15 years old. He was born when I was a freshman in college!! MAN time flies. He is turning into a handsome young man! I'm sure he would love to hear that!
Here is Lilly! My kids love Lilly and so do I! It has been so fun to be her auntie and watch her grow! She is in 5th grade and cheering with high school girls! I was able to watch her practice for a competition and it was cool!
Here is Jimini and Britten! They had a mining station where you buy a bag of sand and pan for "gold" which was coins, stones, sharks teeth, etc. It was very cool and all of the kids had a blast doing this!
Caroline is Bill and Nicole's youngest and she is a doll! She is a year older than Britten and they all play so well together. Caroline always leads my kids in some kind of craft when they get together. Britten and Sarah LOVE her and I'm sure my mom LOVES when they get into all of her crafting stuff!
Here is Sarah on the pony ride. This girl is going to grow up and get a horse I just know it! SHE LOVES them so much! You can tell by her face she is totally HAPPY! I have about five and she is grinning from ear to ear and petting the pony in all of them!
Here are a few shots of the Woodlands Mall! My kids have always played in the play area there and have loved it! This was Ian's first time and he did not want to leave. I was sad to notice Britten has really outgrown this area by the height chart but he played anyway!!
Wish I knew what Ian was thinking at this moment!

We went to the Woodlands with Nana! Nana has always taken the kids to the mall to play, ride the carousel and get double doosies. She also always takes them to the book store! They love to pick out books and they sure LOVE their Nana! Thanks Nana for the fun books!
We got some good ones this time!
Are you thirsty yet? This is so not like me but still blogging... Here are the kids at the Children's Museum! They have completely redone it and it is AMAZING! If you live in Houston or are visiting you do not want to miss it! We went here with Nana and Papa John and the kids could have stayed hours longer! Here are Britten and Sarah at the grocery store.
Sarah is taking Nana's order and the restaurant.
Ian is driving a truck in the small kid area of the museum.
Here is Sarah in the science/experiment room! She is designing something.
Here we are on the way home... the kids were totally wiped out from the busy day! And the stomach bug...
The Downtown Aquarium!!! One of our favorite places to go when in Houston! My kids always want to go there so we do! Here is Sarah and my mom on the shark train ride! Even though they know the shark is going to jump out of the water Sarah got totally scared! It was Ian's first time and he was holding on tight to me and cried when the shark jumped out of the water and splashed him!!
My Dad, Britten and Ian! Must have been loud because Britten is plugging his ears!
Jeff and Ian on the Farris wheel! I HATE this ride but my dad bought me a ticket. Totally had anxiety on this one!
Britten and Sarah got their faces painted there - Britten is a transformer and Sarah got a unicorn. Oh to be a kid and get your face painted!
LOVE this shot of Britten! He loves transformers so I was not surprised he picked out this design.
I can't believe it has already been a month since we were down there! From the pictures we all look happy and healthy but that was not the case! Monday night Britten had the stomach flu, Wednesday night Sarah and Ian had it, Thursday night Jeff and Britten had it, Friday I took Britten to a clinic and found out he had strep throat, Saturday night Britten had throw ups again!! So I never threw up but there were several nights I just knew it would be my turn. Sadly we did not do half of the things we had planned or did we get to see all of our friends we wanted to see! I guess we will be back again!! One last important note: we did get some GOOD Texas Mexican food! YUMMY!

MY little Red Necks!

Britten and Sarah had just as much fun as Jeff and I wearing the mullets we bought for Halloween! Here are a few shots of them being totally silly!

Gotta LOVE the mullets! I decided red necks have way more fun!!

some HALLOWEEN favorites!

Ian was very busy eating his banana!! Britten was Darth Vador (i don't think he has even seen star wars), Sarah wanted to be a witch this year and Ian was a little monkey!! Ian below 17 months old!
Britten is 6 1/2!
Sarah is 4 1/2!!
We had such a fun Halloween this year!! I love watching my kids get so excited to get dressed up with the hopes of getting lots of candy!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Soccer Season has come and gone...

Jacob and Britten in the field!
Britten running and in action!
Britten was never afraid to go after the ball.
He is such a fast little runner!
Britten with Andrew and Coach Sabey! He started the season having never played soccer before and he did so well! His coach really taught them positioning and gave them each a chance to play different positions during the game. It was so fun to watch him play this year! I think they tied one game and won the rest!! Way to go EAGLES!

Melting Chocolate Chips = YUMMY


Ian at the pArK!