Monday, June 30, 2008

My Favorite Piece of Furniture...

I have to say my rocking chair is one of my favorite pieces of furniture! My mom bought it for me as a gift when Britten was born and I feel like I have logged several hours rocking in that chair. I love rocking my babies. In fact I remember rocking Britten every night of his first two years about. It was my favorite time of the day. Then when Sarah was born I was able to rock her too. Every time we have moved I have been most protective of my rocker. The last time we moved up from Texas we had some sketchy guys do the move. I kept saying please be extra careful with my chair and he kept assuring me they were complete experts and nothing would be damaged. Come to find out my rocker was loaded on the bottom with boxes piled on top. The wood on the back of the chair broke and I was so upset. Jeff was able to patch it up for me - thank heavens! Now I have little Ian to rock. Just yesterday I was holding him in my arms and he had fallen asleep and smiled at me while he was sleeping. It is such a priceless time in life that I will never get back! I am so grateful for my rocking chair and so grateful for these precious children that I am able to take care of. It amazes me at the amount of love I feel for each one of my kids!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What Britten and Sarah have been up to!

Ian has now been with us for about 4 weeks and I am so impressed with how well my kids are doing! They love baby Ian and are so patient with me if I am taking care of him! I am sure it helps that they are 5 and 3 and that Sarah is so independent. We have spent most of our days at the pool in our neighborhood. Britten and Sarah LOVE to swim - so we usually spend a couple of hours swimming and eating treats. Ian just snoozes the whole time. It is so nice to have a pool right up the street and go swimming with our friends. Britten has always been scared of going under the water and so this is the first year he is jumping in all by himself. It is fun to watch him outgrow his fears. Jeff even throws him across the pool (literally) and he is not scared. Then there is Sarah - she swims all over the pool in her floaties. She makes me a little nervous but she says she can swim just like Ariel the mermaid.

Ian's FIRST Bathtub!

The fun thing about a new baby is there are always FIRST to experience! For me, Ian is my FIRST baby to spit up all the time. I think I have had more spit up on me from him than Britten and Sarah combined... and he is only 4 weeks old. So around two weeks old he got his FIRST bath. Let me tell you, he was not such a big fan. He screamed from the second I set him down in the tub to the time he was dried and clothed. It was very traumatic for him! I must say he has had several baths since then because I am not a fan of a stinky spit up baby and he has started to enjoy them very much! I so look forward to many more FIRST with my sweet little boy.

Ian and his Friends!

Here are some pics of Ian with my Dad, Britten and Sarah! The last picture is of him and Dr. Wold. My Dr. office took such good care of me! I have really become good friends with the ladies that work there and really trust Dr. Wold! I teased him that he and Ian have the same hair cut! He laughed...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A HUGE thank you!

I feel so lucky to have such GREAT parents!! Our first Mom to arrive at the scene was Lynnie. She came and spent a couple of days with us before I went to the hospital and stayed with the kids while I was in the hospital and Jeff was working! What a blessing that was. My kids are the most important thing in my life and I felt so at peace knowing they were in good hands!! The kids love their Nana! Here are some things they had to say about her... I first asked Sarah and she thought for a minute and then told me how her Nana saved her from a black spider in her room. Britten said he loves how his Nana takes him to all of the museums and lets him pick out a souvenir. (And thanks Papa John for letting us have your Lynnie for a week! We love you too.)
My mom then arrived the night before I came home from the hospital. She came for about 10 days and was a big help. My dad arrived a few days later and the kids were very excited. They went to the pool and the park and the dinosaur museum. My washer and dryer definitely got the work out. I don't think I ever heard them not running. I am not sure what she was washing all day long. Here is what my kids had to say about their grandma and Jimini. Sarah said she loves all the surprises grandma brings in her suitcase. She said she loves it when her Jimini takes her to the park. Britten said he loves how grandma gives him dollars and he said he loves building ships and playing with his Jimini!


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ian around the house...

Here are some pictures of baby Ian around the house... Notice how well he sleeps during the day. I think he has his days and nights mixed up!!!