Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dance CRAZY!

Splish Splash I was taking a bath...
Baby Mine don't you cry...
I just love these costumes! They are adorable!!
First dance competition was at Thanksgiving Point! The girls did great! Britten, Jeff and Ian picked out some flowers for Sarah!
Here are the girls in St. George - our 3rd competition for the season!
More of the girls but not all... there are 14 girls on her team.
Sarah with her best friend since she was 2! Makenna!!! We actually drove down to Milford on Friday night and had a sleep over with our besties... then we woke up at 6 am to drive to St. George! It was a long day of driving but so much fun to be with our friends!
Sarah with her second trophy! She is so super excited about the trophies. After she got her first one she told me she was the richest girl in the world... (I think she thinks they are solid gold)
I am one of the team Mom's for her dance group and we started a gift bag/bucket for each competition. This was the bucket some of the Mom's put together for this last comp. It is a splish splash bucket full of fun stuff and Sarah wanted to get in the bath right away!
Last summer Sarah tried out for a competition team at her dance studio. She has been dancing since she was 3 and we thought it would be a good opportunity for to compete on a team. She made the Sweet n Sassy team and now it is okay for me to call her sassy! Because let's face it she is one sassy and sweet little girl!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A few more Disney moments from the cell phone...

Sarah and I rode the teacup together and did not spin at all... Jeff on the other hand spun Britten and Ian into a dizzy mess.Guess who got to sleep with this MONKEY? Yours truly. And this is how he slept every night... the red striped pillow is mine. I got kicked at least 6 times an hour. I was one tired chick and so ready to get home to my own bed. Totally should have brought the pack-n-play because they did not have any!
So that is me in the back row, on the left. This is a totally funny story that would probably not even sound funny to anyone else so I won't even go there... but after leaving the line twice we finally made it back on and rode the ride. I laughed about it all the way home to Utah. This was the day that our California cousins met us for the afternoon because they have season passes! So much fun!
Here is my handsome little man, we stopped by the Lego store on our way home! He was in Heaven and I am sure was wishing I was a millionaire so he could buy every Lego set in the store...

Disney or BUST!

Day one excitement... We decided very last minute to go to Cali... left at 3:30 pm Monday and arrived at 2 am! Kids were up at 8 am ready to PLAY!Britten, Sarah and Ian with their Nana... She took us on this wild and crazy adventure!
Ian and I on the Matterhorn. He just met the height requirement but as we buckled in I was thinking what kind of mom takes a 2 year old on a fast roller coaster ride?? Apparently me... and he was scared but liked it! All day as he saw the mountain he said I go on that one again! He also has not stopped talking about the eyes on the abominable snowman. Such a cutie!!
They always love the Buzz Light Year ride!
It's a small world was my favorite ride as a kid... my kids love it too!
I really enjoyed watching Ian this time. It was his second visit but 1st time to really take it all in!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! What a fun place to be for a holiday!!!
We went to Disney with our Nana, Auntie Mary and cousin Ryder... this is Mary cracking up on the bugs life caterpillar ride. It was so funny you just had to be there...
We spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the park and man did we have FUN! We rode every ride we wanted to and our favorite ones twice! The weather was beautiful! 75 degrees and sunny! It was such a great get away from the cold and snow. Thank you so much Nana for the super fun, super spontaneous trip to the happiest place on earth! We made some fabulous memories!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MARCH madness!!

Britten just 5 days old... can't believe he will be 8 years old this month!
Britten meeting Sarah for the first time... now they are the best of friends!
Sweet little Sarah will be 6 years old this year!! Where has the time gone?
Let the madness BEGIN... anniversary, birthdays, dance competitions and more!!!

March 9th: Jeff and I will celebrate our 9 year anniversary! It seems like we have always been together!! I am so thankful he is my hubby!!
March 17th: St. Patty's DAY!!
March 19th: Sarah's second dance competition!! At the last one they placed 1st and 2nd!!
March 23rd: Sarah's BIG day!
March 25th: Sarah's third dance competition!! {in St. George!}
March 29th: Britten's BIG day!
And all the fun in between! We have birthday parties to plan and in April Britten is looking forward to getting "bathtized". That is what he used to call baptized when he was 4!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I think I will make these...

Don't these look good... I think I will make these and some chocolate oreo truffles for my favorite Valentines...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Temple Square at Christmas Time!

I love that Sarah is giving herself bunny ears here... and I love how freezing my mom looks!

Some guy was outside giving rides on this old couch with a remote control! The kids totally wanted a ride!
While my parents were here we went to Salt Lake to see the lights at Temple Square. I can't believe I have not been since I was in college... It was so beautiful! It is amazing how many lights they put up and the beautiful Nativity they have! So glad we were able to go.

Tae Kwon Do

The kids started Tae Kwon Do last year from Mrs. Tina in our neighborhood. She is awesome and teaches in her basement. Sarah got her white belt with yellow stripe and Britten got his white belt with black stripe. It is fun to watch them and see what they are learning! Ian even likes to do kicks and punches too. Since they started they have had a few bully encounters and they are not scared of anyone! Not sure how good that is... We were at Kangaroo Zoo and I look over and see Sarah grabbing some 12 year old by the shirt and swinging him around. Sarah also was sparing an 8 year old in her class and he kept backing up and she said, "you gotta defend yourself dude!" Britten is doing great and improving quickly!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Ice Skating Outing!

Sarah and Nana going around the rink! She did so good and she actually wants to have her birthday party here with her friends... I went around with her a few times and she kept saying speed up slow poke!
Britten and his Dad... I was so impressed with how determined Britten was to get this ice skating down. He had spaghetti legs when he first started and was all over the place. He fell so many times but he was determined to skate around the rink on his own. By the time we left he was doing a pretty good job!
Papa John and little Ian. I thought it was so cool that they had skates Ian's size. He was the cutest little peanut out there!

We had a lot of family visit us over the holidays! Jeff's family likes to do something FUN everyday they are here. We decided to go ice skating at the Olympic rink in Provo and the kids had a BLAST! It is something that I recommend anyone who lives around here and we will totally go back!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Since it is snowing today...

Ian at our neighborhood pool!Ian LOVED swimming this past summer! He even wore his floaties around the house sometimes! He would not let my dad take a break from this trick!
Britten and Sarah with their cousin Ryder in Nana and Papa's backyard!
Ian was not so sure about running through the sprinkler...
Here are the kids at the fun hotel in San Antonio!
My kids are like little fish in the summer time! I seriously think they spent more time in the water than out of it! So glad they love to be outside and in the water so much! We are looking forward to next summer to swim some more!