Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Disney or BUST!

Day one excitement... We decided very last minute to go to Cali... left at 3:30 pm Monday and arrived at 2 am! Kids were up at 8 am ready to PLAY!Britten, Sarah and Ian with their Nana... She took us on this wild and crazy adventure!
Ian and I on the Matterhorn. He just met the height requirement but as we buckled in I was thinking what kind of mom takes a 2 year old on a fast roller coaster ride?? Apparently me... and he was scared but liked it! All day as he saw the mountain he said I go on that one again! He also has not stopped talking about the eyes on the abominable snowman. Such a cutie!!
They always love the Buzz Light Year ride!
It's a small world was my favorite ride as a kid... my kids love it too!
I really enjoyed watching Ian this time. It was his second visit but 1st time to really take it all in!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! What a fun place to be for a holiday!!!
We went to Disney with our Nana, Auntie Mary and cousin Ryder... this is Mary cracking up on the bugs life caterpillar ride. It was so funny you just had to be there...
We spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the park and man did we have FUN! We rode every ride we wanted to and our favorite ones twice! The weather was beautiful! 75 degrees and sunny! It was such a great get away from the cold and snow. Thank you so much Nana for the super fun, super spontaneous trip to the happiest place on earth! We made some fabulous memories!!!


Natalie said...

How fun!! We have done that trip before last minute too and it is so exciting to hurry and go. What a fun birthday treat for the kids too!!