Friday, January 28, 2011

Ice Skating Outing!

Sarah and Nana going around the rink! She did so good and she actually wants to have her birthday party here with her friends... I went around with her a few times and she kept saying speed up slow poke!
Britten and his Dad... I was so impressed with how determined Britten was to get this ice skating down. He had spaghetti legs when he first started and was all over the place. He fell so many times but he was determined to skate around the rink on his own. By the time we left he was doing a pretty good job!
Papa John and little Ian. I thought it was so cool that they had skates Ian's size. He was the cutest little peanut out there!

We had a lot of family visit us over the holidays! Jeff's family likes to do something FUN everyday they are here. We decided to go ice skating at the Olympic rink in Provo and the kids had a BLAST! It is something that I recommend anyone who lives around here and we will totally go back!